Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children

The Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children was created by statute to research issues regarding the children of South Carolina and to offer policy and legislative recommendations to the Governor and Legislature. Membership of the Committee on Children is comprised of six legislative members, three citizens appointed by the Governor, and the directors of five child-serving agencies. 

There are over 1 million children in South Carolina under the age of 18 years. Tens of thousands of our children live in poverty, are abused and neglected, drop out of school, are placed in foster care, suffer mental illness or physical disability, experience teen pregnancy, or are referred for delinquency.

These are complex and inter-related issues, and many of these children have multiple and overlapping needs. South Carolina must identify, study and understand these issues and causes, and logically coordinate its efforts and resources to address children's needs.

The Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children was created in 2008 to:

* serve as a clearing house for children's issues
* offer coordination for legislative efforts and policy for children issues
* provide research and data to inform legislative consideration of children's issues
* promote coordination and efficiency of children's services

The Committee is comprised of:

3 Senators
3 Representatives
3 Citizens
5 ex-officio, non-voting members:
the State Superintendent of Education, and the Directors of DJJ, DMH, DSS and DDSN.

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